"Individual and corporate clients confronted with government agency investigations or adverse civil proceedings need competent counsel to navigate past the storm."

The collateral damage to a business that occurs when a search warrant is executed on the premises, employees are investigated, or operating accounts are frozen can be devastating.  Even when management is confident that no wrongdoing has occurred, it is important to rely on experienced counsel to protect the rights and interests of the stakeholders.  From ensuring compliance with Corporate Integrity Agreements executed to avoid corporate federal indictments in the pharmaceutical industry, to assisting small-businesses threatened with local search warrants, Mr. McMullen has extensive experience with white collar investigations.  He also leverages the analytical skills he honed working with Fortune 100 companies while at Bain & Company, one of the top strategic management consulting firms in the world.  When the scale of the investigation calls for more attorneys, Mr. McMullen has a reliable network of experienced white collar practitioners always ready to go to battle for their clients as a team.  

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